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Alfalfa Omega SPF 1.25

This flail forage harvester uses a modified Loftness heavy-duty flail mower to cut and propel the chopped material into a weigh basket.

  • 35 horsepower diesel engine provides the power to all of the hydraulic drive systems

  • A larger oil reservoir and active cooler are used to handle the cooling requirements of the hydraulic oil.

  • Like all of our power units and swathers, the forage harvester has a hydrostatic transmission, power steering and parking brake.

  • Weigh basket over a cubic metre in volume unloads via a hydraulically driven draper floor. The scale system has four precision load cells and a fully programmable scale head.  

  • Flail rotor has an adjustable air bag suspension mount. Cutting height is adjusted in one half inch increments using a full width ground roller.

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