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"One of R-Tech Industries’ strengths is their ability to combine multiple features into a single, fully customized equipment solution that provides flexibility to implement a variety of research objectives."

Gerald Martens, P.Ag.
Research & Commercial Development Coordinator
BASF Canada

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“We couldn’t do what we do without R-Tech…makes my job easier.”

Paul Gervais, M.Sc., P. Ag.
Manitoba Research Manager, Crop Development
Nutrien Research, Development & Innovation


“I am really impressed with your professionalism and attention to detail. It is a pleasure to do business with a company that takes pride in their work and can anticipate their customer’s needs.”

Meghan Rose, M.Sc.
Research Scientist
New Era Ag Technologies

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"As a research organization focused on developing new perennial crops and cropping systems, our staff at The Land Institute is frequently imagining farm equipment that does not yet exist. One such case was the need for an intercrop mower that would cut weeds or alfalfa growing between rows of our new perennial grain Kernza®. We approached R-Tech with this idea, and Rob took on the project like it was his own. He was patient, careful and exacting in the way that he translated our idea into a plan and then into a durable machine. We could not be happier with the process of working with R-Tech and the resulting intercrop mower. We look forward to working with R-Tech in the future."

Timothy Crews, Ph.D.

Director of Research

The Land Institute

Tim mower.JPG

"I needed a unique piece of harvest equipment for a hemp breeding program and R-Tech was the right company for the job. From the beginning, Rob and Liam were very engaged and thoughtful—listening to my ideas and making helpful suggestions. Despite the tight deadline and COVID disruptions, R-Tech delivered the equipment on time. The quality of workmanship was fantastic and I was impressed with how well thought out everything was. I highly recommend R-Tech and would gladly use them again in the future."

Daniel Willis


New West Genetics

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“R-Tech custom built a weed seed elutriator based on our unique specifications. We received excellent service and open communication throughout the process. Their creative solutions to our complex technical design resulted in a machine of excellent quality that continues to meet our needs.”

Charles Geddes, Ph.D., P. Ag.
Research Scientist

Science and Technology Branch
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

"Many opportunities for input were provided during the design process to ensure the equipment would meet our specific needs. Good service and great customer support after delivery.”

Rob Gulden, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Plant Science
University of Manitoba

Charles elutriator.JPG

“[R-Tech's] knowledge, vision, and ability to build and modify agricultural research equipment [was] instrumental in helping me get my agronomic trials in the ground, despite a very ambitious deadline. [They] were able to take a commercial planter and fit it with a sophisticated system for delivery of variable rates and sources of fertilizer. With these practical modifications, we have the flexibility of accessing a commercial dealer for maintenance and repair, in addition to [R-Tech's] own local and very valuable equipment support...the R-Tech team take pride in their work and provide a phenomenal level of service to their customers, myself included!”

Magda Rogalsky

Graduate Student

Soil Science Department
University of Manitoba


“R-Tech Industries contributed its expertise in custom work to a Manitoba Agriculture extension project addressing water movement on agricultural land. A simulator of rainfall and subsequent infiltration/runoff was designed, assembled and installed in an enclosed trailer. Through this innovative project, R-Tech has enabled vital knowledge transfer regarding water, soil and nutrient management, contributing to the sustainability of agriculture in the Great Plains Region.”

M.D. Timmerman, M.Sc.
Agri-Ecosystems Specialist
Manitoba Agriculture

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