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Bike Sprayer

  • 2m spray pattern with four, tri-port nozzle bodies with diaphragm check valves and three sets of spray tips

  • The tip spacing of 50 cm

  • 2.125 X 26 bicycle tires on 36 inch track width

  • Boom height adjustment range of 18 to 36 inches

  • Trigger valve on handle to control boom flow

  • Galvanized EMT frame and powder coated steel boom

  • Compressed air tank for propellant (11 gallon)

  • Pressure gauge, pressure regulator and connectors from pop bottle header to air tank and boom

  • 28mm inverted pop bottle header (extended air tube) for 2 litre pop bottles

  • Pop off safety valve

  • Removable perforated mesh wind shroud.

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