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A large demonstration seeder capable of distributing a small seed lot over a wide plot. Seed and fertilizer are placed separately while being able to seed into standing stubble. The seeder has a unique hitch system with separate field and transport hitches that enable end towing or loading for legal width transport.

  • Fourteen double shoot disc/hoe openers for a total plot width of fourteen feet

  • Four cones are used to distribute small seed lots across the fourteen openers

  • Equipped with a liquid fertilizer kit (granular fertilizer is an option as well)

  • There is a field hitch (hydraulically raised and lowered) and a transport hitch. The transport hitch and transport wheels allow the seeder to be transported by a tractor or loaded onto a trailer.

  • The metering cones are driven by a GPS-based, hydraulic drive system. Tripping for the plots is also done by a GPS-based system. The liquid fertilizer is metered by electric, variable speed pumps. The metering rate is also regulated via the GPS system.

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