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JT-5PLG Plot Seeder

The JT-5PLG is a trailing gooseneck hitch design featuring five Pillar Laser MK III openers making it capable of direct seeding while separating seed and fertilizer furrows.


  • Five double shoot Pillar Laser disc/hoe openers on 10-inch row spacing.

  • Single Wintersteiger 265 mm cell cone, GPS plot trip system for Trimble integration.

  • 250 lb custom fertilizer box to meter product to the seed furrow.

  • 1150 lb custom fertilizer box to meter product to the side band of the five rows.

  • Trailing gooseneck hitch which enables tight turns between plots.

  • Forward platform for accessing the fertilizer box.

  • DICKEY-john Hy Rate Plus LED seed sensor with custom seed boot integration for seed blockage detection.

  • Fully removable transparent canopy enclosure for operator protection from the elements.

  • Folding stairs that allow ease of access to the front and rear platforms.

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