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JT-6PLWM Plot Seeder

The JT-6PLWM is a trailing gooseneck hitch design featuring six Bourgault PLW-DW openers and three MRB III openers enabling two separate methods of seed and fertilizer separation.


  • Six Bourgault PLW dual shoot openers on 11-inch row spacing.

  • Three Bourgault MRB III openers on 22-inch row spacing

  • Single Wintersteiger belt cone, GPS plot trip system for Trimble integration.

  • 300 lb custom fertilizer box to meter product to the MRB III openers.

  • 300 lb tandem fertilizer box to meter product to the side band or seed row.

  • Two 45 lb Sandy boxes are mounted adjacent to seed cone to deliver product to seed rows.

  • Trailing gooseneck hitch which enables tight turns between plots.

  • Forward platform for accessing the front and rear tandem fertilizer box.

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