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JT-8DMS Plot Seeder

The JT-8DMS is a trailing gooseneck hitch design featuring eight K-Hart 8621, eight K-Hart 1704 and 4 Bourgault MRB III openers. This enables three distinct methods of seed and fertilizer placement.


  • Eight K-Hart 8621 single shoot openers on 10-inch row spacing.

  • Eight K-Hart 1704 openers on 10-inch spacing offset 2.5 inches of seed row.

  • Four Bourgault MRB III openers on 20-inch row spacing aligned with seed mid row.

  • Two Wintersteiger belt cones, GPS plot trip ready with a staggered trip system to account for multiple tool bars.

  • Front tandem box has A-B shift feature that enables rerouting of metering outlets to either side band or mid row bands in under 3 seconds.​​

  • Trailing gooseneck hitch which enables tight turns between plots.

  • Forward platform for accessing the front and rear tandem fertilizer box.

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