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JT-8DSM 2-PTH Plot Seeder

The JT-8DSM is a two-point hitch design with a pair of rear mounted caster wheels. The tractor's lower three-point hitch arms support the weight of the front of the seeder, and the rear caster wheels support the rear of the seeder.

  • Equipped with a large Wintersteiger belt cone, an independent spinner distributor, four single port Gandy boxes, and an eight outlet bulk box.

  • Sixteen Acra Plant ADU double disc openers (with coulter) will be mounted on two ranks with independent hydraulic raise/lower.

  • A customized Graham electric drive system is used for all six metering drives.​

  • Robust frame to support the openers and ensure sufficient weight for penetration

  • Rear operator's platform with two operator's seats

  • Front operator's platform for easy access to the bulk box and Gandy boxes

  • Adjustable seed tray holder

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