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JT-9PLW Plot Seeder

The JT-9PLW is a trailing gooseneck hitch design featuring nine Bourgault PLW openers making it capable of direct seeding while separating seed and fertilizer furrows.

  • Openers on 8-inch spacing on two ranks spaced 55.5 inches apart

  • Trailing gooseneck hitch carried by the tractors three point hitch to allow for more weight on the tractor

  • The seed port on each opener receives product from either the cone, seed box, or one of the fertilizer boxes​​

  • Featuring our new cone trip system, which hooks up to the tractor's GPS (GreenStar and Trimble) and automatically trips the cone or can be manually tripped for calibration.

  • Large Wintersteiger belt cone with a nine, five and four port spinner distributor

  • A whisker switch and magnetic clutch are used to engage the metering transmissions.​

  • Variable ground-driven Zero-Max transmissions with micro-dials allow for simple adjustability of the metering rate.​

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