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Plot Master F-30

The Plot Master F-30 is our smaller swather with a 30hp liquid cooled, turbo diesel engine and width of cut of 1.5 metres.

  • All drives are hydraulic, including the hydrostatic transmission, automatic parking brake and power steering. 

  • The rear axle height is hydraulically adjustable. This allows the angle of the header to be adjusted. It is also useful in installing and removing attachments. 

  • Removing the header takes less than five minutes.

  • Hydraulically adjustable reel speed and cone rotation speed. 

  • Rotating cones and adjustable pitch divider points effectively divide plots.

  • Five bat pick up reel helps propel the plant material through the knife.  The reel height is hydraulically adjustable, while the fore/aft position is manually adjusted.  The reel finger pitch is also manually adjustable. 

  • A swath roller add-on is a popular option. 

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