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Self-Propelled High Clearance Efficacy Sprayer

The power unit is a high clearance hydrostatic drive multi purpose tool carrier.  The steering axle is at the rear and the drive axle at the front.  The power unit is equipped with an auxiliary hydraulic system to provide power for attachments.

  • 44 horsepower liquid cooled diesel engine is mounted above the rear axle.

  • Engine is coupled to a hydrostatic transmission and auxiliary hydraulic system.

  • Infinitely variable hydrostatic transmission has a speed range of approximately 0-10 km/h (0-6 mph).

  • High torque, low speed hydraulic motors power each drive wheel independently.

  • Hydrostatic power steering at the rear axle.

  • Turning radius of approximately 1.3 metres (4'3").

  • Integrated park brake.

  • Continuous belly clearance of approximately 130 cm (51 inches).

  • Spray header uses a “quick attach” system, dual hydraulic cylinders for raise/lower mechanism and a parallel arm system to achieve a height adjustment range of up to 130cm (51") from ground to the bottom of the spray header shroud

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